Active Baluns and Extenders - Knoll has been making baluns for over 15 years!


Balun systems allow the safe and undistorted transmission of stereo and video signals over a long distance. Studios have been using baluns for decades. Balun systems require a sender or transmitter to balance the signal and a receiver to unbalance this same signal.

Knoll's baluns use unshielded category 5e or 6 wire for transmission (except for some HDMI that use two cat 5e wires). Component video, S-video, composite video, digital audio, stereo and infrared signals can be distributed anywhere in the home, even to multiple locations.

The Knoll active balun solution is better than conventional transformer or passive balun systems because it achieves "no-loss" at the receiver terminal, using its industry leading automatic active equalization. The Knoll balun output is essentially identical to the Knoll balun input from a few feet up to 500 or even 1000 feet (less distance with some HDMI baluns). Most Knoll baluns are available in a box or decora style that can be mixed or matched as desired. Some Knoll balun categories have 6 output hubs (that can be daisy chained together) for multiple outputs from a single input source.


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Stereo audio and infrared repeater

Component video and digital audio; 6 output hub available

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