MR288 HDMI to 5.1 Digital Audio or Analog Stereo Converter


MR288 front view• Converts HDMI to 5.1 digital audio or analog stereo audio.

• For use when stereo output from HDMI sources such as ChromeCast, Apple TV, Blu-ray etc. is required for listening in home theater (in larger speakers than the TV), in nearby non-home theater rooms and throughout the home.

• HDMI signal (including audio, HDCP and EDID pass through) from input to output.

• Dolby® Digital and DTS® decoder extracts 5.1 channels of audio or analog stereo so almost all content can be heard.

Perfect for the latest Apple TV, Chromecast or any HDMI device!
The MR288 provides an easy way to extract a 5.1 digital or analog stereo signal from an HDMI source. Content that is normally confined to the home theater or TV room can now be heard in other rooms and even throughout the whole home! The MR288 extracts a digital optical audio signal or line level stereo signal from almost any HDMI signal. The extracted stereo signal is routed to a stereo or multiroom amplifier and speakers, giving top quality stereo sound in locations other than in the home theater.

MR288 sample connection diagramThe internal Dolby® Digital and DTS® decoder down mixes 5.1 channels of digital audio to analog stereo sound so almost all content can be heard, including movies and other content normally only heard on the TV or in the home theater. Newer lifestyle products such as Google ChromeCast have the ability to play stereo content such as Rhapsody®, Spotify® and other music, news and a host of other services. The ChromeCast output connector is HDMI so in order to hear this content in stereo it needs to be decoded.

The output can be selected either 5.1 digital (toslink optical output) or analog stereo. Your choice.

The MR288 may be powered by the HDMI source. In most cases the source is unable to provide adequate power so a power supply is provided.

MR288 output side...Specifications:

Input: HDMI

Output: HDMI, 5.1 digital audio or analog stereo audio

Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz

Dimensions: 84 x 68 x 22mm (3.3 x 2.7 x 0.87")

Weight: 135 g (0.5 lbs.)

Stereo Output: Line level on RCA stereo connectors

Digital Output: Optical 5.1 SP/DIF (toslink)

Power: 5 VDC 1 amp

Color: Black

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