Problem Solvers

Tablet and Smart Phone Stereo Gain Booster


iBoost iBoost  NEW
iBoost is an easy to use stereo gain booster for use with tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, computer sound cards, etc. Many music players have a low stereo signal output (so hearing loss with earbud use is minimised) and to use the headphone output with external amplifiers and speakers requires a signal boost.

Deluxe Stereo Preamplifier


MR100 two piece preamp MR100  NEW
Deluxe, easy to use two piece stereo preamp with all the features needed for home, commercial and industrial installations. Includes Decora digital keypad with volume indicators. Works with most stereo and multichannel amplifiers. Keypad available in white, almond, ivory and black colors

Optical/Digital and Coax to Analog Converter


MR189 analog converter MR189 
Want to hear your TV on more powerful speakers or with a subwoofer added? How about an easy solution to hear content normally confined to the home theater or TV room, in other rooms and even throughout the whole home? At last a solution is available that works with almost any content including content with Dolby and DTS. The MR189 extracts a line level stereo signal from almost any coaxial or optical (SP/DIF) signal direct from the TV or source. The extracted stereo signal is routed to a stereo or multiroom amplifier and speakers, giving top quality stereo sound in locations anywhere needed and can be directly connected to a subwoofer for more “beefy” TV sound. Perfect for Apple TV 1/2/3!.

Eco-System™ Trigger


The Knoll Systems MR216 Eco-System™ Trigger allows amplifiers, subwoofers and other products that are capable of triggering to be activated or powered on when an audio signal is present. When the audio signal is lost the activation is stopped. The most important feature of the Eco-System™ circuit in the MR216 is the energy or electrical savings that is delivered to the owner over a period of time. The typical home owner will see a savings of hundreds of dollars or more per year in actual electrical costs and that can be multiplied when taking into account the increased costs of air conditioning the home to extract unwanted heat produced by a products powered up and not in use.

HDMI Digital audio or analog stereo extractor/converter


MR288 converter MR288  NEW
Perfect for the latest Apple TV, Chromecast or any HDMI device! The MR288 provides an easy way to extract a 5.1 digital or analog stereo signal from an HDMI source. Content that is normally confined to the home theater or TV room can now be heard in other rooms and even throughout the whole home!

HDMI 4K Simultaneous Digital Audio AND Analog Stereo Extractor/Converter


MR388 Audio Extractor MR388  NEW
• Converts HDMI to digital SP/DIF audio AND analog stereo.
• AUTO DETECTABLE AND AUTO SELECTABLE. Gives simultaneous outputs HDMI (unaltered), digital optical 5.1 and analog stereo.
• For use when stereo output from HDMI sources such as ChromeCast, Apple TV, Blu-ray etc. is required for listening in home theater (in larger speakers than the TV), in nearby non home theater rooms and throughout the home.
• Dolby® Digital and DTS® decoder extracts 5.1 channels of audio and analog stereo so almost all content can be heard.

truBLUE™ Bluetooth receiver with Balanced Transmission Line


truBLUE transmission system... TB1000 
The truBLUE transmission line system includes a decora inwall Bluetooth receiver, a balanced stereo receive module and a power supply (connected to the BSR). The bluetooth receiver and BSR are connected with a single Cat5e or Cat6 wire up to 1000' (300m) long. Because the wire is fully balanced, hum and noise problems are eliminated.

Our eighth generation Bluetooth receiver is now easier to use with one tap pairing. It allows you to connect any Bluetooth source device such as an iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Smartphone, laptop, etc. wirelessly to your home stereo or boom box. This makes controlling your music content a breeze. Installation is fast and easy.